Thursday, 3 May 2012

Mike Bassett: England Manager

What has the new England Manager got to do with a blog about Engineered Systems and Architecture? 

There has been lots of different views in the UK press regarding the appointment of the new England football manager Roy Hodgson as compared to "fans favorite" Harry Redknapp. A few comments have said that Roy Hodgson is the "safe" (read boring and less headlines in the press) choice and not really a game changer (pun intended!). However, the last couple of high-profile managers that were supposed to bring change actually resulted in the same old players being selected, a lack of communication and disconnect with the underlying structure in the F.A. In fact nothing really changed in terms of results.

I think that the new England manager will not only be required to be successful on the pitch (and we certainly need that to happen for once!) but he will also need to connect at all levels within the structure and start to help develop and mentor younger managers etc and beging change from the grass roots up. 

So why is this relevant ? Well it's relevant because if Engineered Systems (and yes, OK, other offerings as well !) are really going to be successful in driving change towards IT simplification and efficiency then the change needs to be effective at all levels of the IT stack - from Apps to Disk. Marketing weasels will come up with the flashy headlines and campaigns it will take a much less hyped but deeper change in the way IT is delivered to really make a difference.

Maybe this "safe" option could be a real game changer after all.

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